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October 08, 2017  •  1 Comment

Mini blog post time:

Saturday the 7th of October 2017 was a pretty special day.

I only recently met Mark and Leanne due to their original photographer becoming ill and having to cancel, I was referred through a friend and fellow photographer; Stephanie Colledge who was already booked, thanks Steph!  Last minute bookings are no problem though and after meeting them I could tell how amazing their day was going to be and how much thought and planning was going in to it. 

It was my first wedding at my much coveted Polesworth Abbey, I mean as a wedding photographer the prospect of shooting a wedding in a 1200 year old Abbey is lush. I am SO happy I have got to shoot at the Abbey finally, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The service by Father Michael, was a lovely relaxed and so welcoming to everyone. I can't recommend the place enough it's just perfect!

The whole day ticked all the boxes for a wedding photographer:

Beautiful, loved up couple - Check! 

Beautiful wedding venue(s) - Check!

Amazing car - Check! 

Fun and welcoming family and friends - Check!

Decent weather (except a small amount of rain - but we managed) - Check! 

Oh and have I mentioned the amazing Michael Jackson tribute who was a TOTAL surprise to the evening guests? Yeah this happened, and there was SO much dancing and fun, it was awesome! 

Here's a few quick frames from yesterday then for you to all enjoy. Show the beautiful couple some love! <3 

Marc x


Leanne aka bride(non-registered)
Thank you, these pictures are amazing.
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