Marc Osborne Photography: Blog en-us (C) Marc Osborne Photography (Marc Osborne Photography) Sun, 12 Aug 2018 21:21:00 GMT Sun, 12 Aug 2018 21:21:00 GMT Marc Osborne Photography: Blog 120 120 Mr & Mrs Gray You might say it was a Goldilocks day for Emily and Tom; their wedding happened to be a sunny Saturday in August, not too hot, with the lightest shower in the late afternoon to freshen folk up. Thankfully this day brought no bears, but there definitely was a dash of fairy tale when this lucky couple became Mr and Mrs Gray.


Emily and her bridal party relaxed in the Presidential suite getting ready before the service, but the white rabbit was already on the case, and a seamless start to the day led to the ceremony beginning twenty minutes early!


The ceremony was beautiful, with bubbling nerves from the bride and groom. Tears of joy fell around the room from the love from this special couple reverberated. Following the ‘I do’s’, the couple were whisked around the park for exclusive access to the Carousel and a kiss by the lake where the Evil Goose had today been thwarted to allow the newlyweds a moment of peace together.


Back at the Carousel Bar, after Emily changed into her wedding white Vans, a prosecco reception awaited, followed by a wonderful magician who entertained the guests before the wedding breakfast.


The details of the reception knitted together the passions of Mr and Mrs Gray, their love of music, along with geek-chic meets Disney. Hints of Batman and LEGO interlaced with Beauty and the Beast and their favourite albums ensured a fun atmosphere for all present. Bets on the length of the speeches resulted in a lot of interesting heckling, and the Best Man declared that his friendship with the groom since nursery was established on him taking pity for him being the lonely weirdo in the corner! This title, however, was succeeded later in the night when it emerged a stag-goer had taken an emergency stash of Horlicks on the Stag Do!


Following the cake cut, of course featuring LEGO and Disney, a wonderful evening ensued with the dance floor filled the whole night through and an exclusive highlight of the worst-worm-ever by one of the groomsmen; the hero of bad dancing!

So for Emily and Tom, a great big thank you for a wonderful day, and we wish you a very, very happy ever after.

Venue: Drayton Manor Hotel
Venue Dressing: The bridesmaids
Photos: Me! 
Blog: Words by my lovely wife Ceri! x


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Mr & Mrs Price (Drayton Manor) In the summer that doesn’t stop giving, movie fans Faith and John were to become Mr and Mrs Price at the Drayton Manor Hotel. It was set to be yet another scorcher, and if the wedding alone wasn’t enough excitement for you, England played Sweden for a place in the World Cup semi-final.


The bridesmaids took the necessary approach to the day, getting ready with their bride and staying refreshed with a few cheeky gins from their personalised glasses.


Faith and John’s two year old son, Jackson, was of course a huge part of the day, and as the ceremony was about to begin, and walking down the aisle became all too much for little Jackson, dad was all smiles and waves from the front to usher his little Best Man to his side. Joined then by Faith the couple became one, and Jackson showed his joy and excitement by trying to run off with the balloons.


Their reception in the Park View room looked stunning, the room dressed and accessorised by THE BRIDESMAIDS, and their movie theme ran throughout the evening. The centrepieces were a collection of their favourite movies along with clapperboards and popcorn (edible centrepieces that went down a treat with the guests!), and the music on the evening was laced with movie and Disney songs.


The elephant in the room was of course the England game, but this couple had already ensured their guests would not miss out; the whole time of the wedding was changed to ensure everyone could enjoy the match! A huge projector was also put on in the room showing the game, and the day went from amazing to ‘and then some!’ when England defeated Sweden.


With DJ Noel Walker providing the evening entertainment, the couple took to the dance floor for their first dance, with Jackson joining his parents halfway through. A giant confetti balloon showered the happy couple/trio at the end of the dance and then the party got underway.


So congratulations England, you have achieved an epic summer and footie glory, but much more importantly, congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Price. May your love endure long after this summer heat fades.



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Mr & Mrs Kennington-Barnes This weekend I had the enormous pleasure of photographing Kerry and Dean’s wedding. Kerry and Dean booked me after viewing photos from a previous wedding, with them wanting a fun and relaxed style, we were the perfect fit!


Their wedding was a lovely local occasion, the church they picked St. Chads Hopwas is on their daily dog walk route, the club the reception was held at is a few hundred meters from their house. It was lovely to see such an intimate day set out.


When I first met Kerry and Dean I was told their day would be fun, relaxed, informal, happy and would feature at least one dog in a special blue gown, colour matching the bridesmaids. This all panned out to be exactly true. The dogs were special guests at the evening reception and took centre stage with the 2 legged guests outside, enjoying the beautiful summer evening that had graced us with it’s presence.


The evenings music was provided by local band Partners In Crime who kept the dance floor full to bursting throughout their set.


Here are a few sneaky photos from Kerry and Dean’s lovely wedding day. Show the happy couple some love <3


Marc x






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Mr & Mrs Duffy Wroxall Abbey has been on my ‘wedding photography’ bucket list, for quite some time now. This Saturday I finally got to tick it off. Despite Friday’s monumental storms giving me and the entire wedding party a stress filled 12 hours waiting to see what Saturday would bring, the weather turned out to be absolutely lovely. 


Today’s bride and groom, Sammie and James, were the very lucky winners of the Coventry Telegraph Wedding Giveaway which included a wedding at stunning Wroxall Abbey and lots of other amazing elements such as a photography package by myself. Wroxall looked beautiful today and that’s in no small part thanks to Sammie who worked tirelessly to hand make so many elements of the wedding décor. 


Preparing with the bridal party, Sammie was completely relaxed and calmly checking and arranging all the last minute details so the day went perfectly. The happy couple said their vows in the astoundingly beautiful 900 year old Wrens Cathedral, with the warm and friendly Reverend Christopher Beard officiating. The service was loving, welcoming and there was a few tears shed; this set the tone for the day. The guests were friendly and the weather lovely, giving the children ample opportunity to roam the sprawling grounds at Wroxall; the perfect summer wedding.


At this point I feel there are two special mentions to be made. First is the cake. I have never seen such an amazingly detailed cake, it was stunning, and every tiny detail handcrafted and edible. The second mention has to go the magician David Taylor. He was mesmerising, and it was hilarious watching everyone have their minds blown and mouths left wide open by what they had just witnessed. 


Saturday showed me just how lovely weddings at the Wrens Cathedral and Wroxall Abbey are, just how lovely a couple Sammie and James are, and just how much I wished I was a magician sometimes. Sammie and James proved more than worthy winners of the wedding competition and deserved every moment of their beautiful wedding day. 


Congratulations Mr & Mrs Duffy x 


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Mr and Mrs Walker The pressure was truly on for this wedding as the bride and groom were two of the most prosperous wedding suppliers in the local area, Keelie of The Bridesmaids and DJ Noel Walker, not to mention that anyone who’s anyone in Weddings would be on the guest list! With a storm scheduled for just after the ceremony as well, it’s fair to say I was just a tad nervous.


Arriving at Drayton Manor the day had started out with beautiful sunshine and blue skies, and remained warm for the day. It was all smiles for the bridal party with Keelie as they prepared for the late afternoon ceremony. Though this wedding was keen on the details, all efforts were made to keep the atmosphere relaxed.


Chris Keys beautiful music lead the party down the aisle and despite the rain having started outside, the mood was happy and contented as the ceremony began. Noel and Keelie exchanged vows, although the registrar did accidentally offer Noel the hand of ‘Rachel’ in marriage, setting up some cracking jokes for the Groom’s speech, and doubtless some Friends-esq stories to tell for years to come!


Thankfully the storm didn’t show and the sun made it back out for the party’s celebrations, so following some photographs in the sunshine, it was on to the best dressed reception of the year. The room was stunning, with a mix of sequinned table covers and runners, fairy lights throughout, starlight dancefloor, LOVE letters, sweet cart, and an absolute abundance of gorgeous detail everywhere you looked, the tower suite has never looked better than it did today.


The food was outstanding as it always is from Drayton Manor Hotel and guests got to pick their own table, continuing the informal and friendly atmosphere. There were loads of sweet children enjoying themselves. Noel had chosen a live band, The Mercy, and unsurprisingly had chosen most of the evening’s music (you don’t question the DJ!). He couldn’t resist having a go himself before the night was over too. This really was the feel good wedding they had strived for.


I felt extremely privileged to be a part of such a special day, especially so for a couple who are usually on the other side. This was a day when their livelihoods met with the intimate moments of their personalities and lives, and it was very special to be a part of it. So here’s to you, Mr and Mrs Walker, may the future bring you prosperity and happiness, as you do for others oh so often.


As always, please like, comment, tag and share and of course feel free to download <3 


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Mr and Mrs Smith  

Waking up to blue skies and sunshine is the perfect start for any couple on their big day. This was just the case for Michelle and Jonathan. Unfortunately the morning didn’t start so smoothly for me, their photographer, as I was changing a flat tyre on the M42 with traffic thundering past me at 70mph! But the sun was shining on me just a little, and after a 9 minute tyre change and not a spot of dirt on me, I was on my way to meet the bride at Drayton Manor Hotel. I’m expecting a call from the Ferrari F1 pit crew any day.  

Sweet little six year old bridesmaid Alix was very keen to help while the bridal party got ready, she hadn’t a shy bone in her body and loved taking a few photos with me. The sunshine was helping keep everyone relaxed, spirits high, and the requests for prosecco frequent.  

When the time for the ceremony came, one of the flower girls got a little stage fright half way down the aisle and it all became too much for her. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case for Michelle and the vows went by with a nice amount of smiles and laughter. The new Mr and Mrs Smith had a leisurely tour of the park while we took some beautiful photos of just the two of them, with many congratulations coming their way from everyone around. 

Their reception room was dressed in gorgeous shades of pink from the flowers by Garlands, to the sashes, sequinned table runners and starlight backdrop all beautifully dressed by The Bridesmaids. The theme continued to the rose adorned cake which attracted a lot of attention by Celebration Cakes.   

As the evening started the tower suite filled to bursting point. DJ Noel Walker got the evening underway whilst Ed Sheeran's ever popular Perfect provided the honours for the first dance. The photobooth by Boothtastic was a huge hit, which always provides extra photo opportunities with small children walking round in random hats and masks!  

It was a wonderful day for Michelle and Jonathan, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together. Hopefully everyday of their marriage will be filled with sunshine and rollercoasters! 

Here's a few photos from the day for you to all enjoy/download/share. 

Congratulations again Michelle and Jonathan x

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Mr & Mrs Price It’s always heart-warming when you are chosen by a couple as their wedding photographer due to a previous wedding, and that was just the case with this weekend’s happy couple, Justin and Hannah. I had met them briefly whilst shooting Hannah’s brother’s wedding a couple of years ago, and this meant that I would get the chance to catch up with some familiar faces as this latest couple tied the knot. 


Hannah’s bridal party began the day in her home with an air of relaxation and no hint of stress or drama. Though emotions were clearly brimming with Bridesmaid number 3 (Hannah’s naming convention, not mine!) realising that all she needed to say were the magic words ‘you’re getting married today’, and Hannah would cry. A few happy tears, palpable excitement and anticipation, and a whole lot of fun; just the way a wedding day should start.  


Hannah and Justin chose St. Barnabas church for their ceremony, and as it is so close to Hannah’s home we could hear the church bells ringing inside the house. St Barnabas has had quite a modern refurb following a fire back in 2007, and it looks truly stunning inside. It is flooded with light, has clean lines and a vast roofline that is truly dramatic, the perfect setting for your ceremony. The vicar who carried out the service was thoroughly lovely, extremely welcoming, and a real treat to have a redhead bride, groom and minister. Some true ginger love in this marriage.  


The evening reception was held in Westfield Court Hotel in Sutton Coldfield and was filled with little touches that reflected the characters of the bride and groom. Their guest book was paired with an Instax camera and props so you could take a photo for the book and leave your written message alongside it; a brilliant idea. There were also individual baskets with the bride and groom’s favourite sweets and a cheeky chalk board emblazoned with ‘Ginger Pride’.  


The room filled to the brim through the evening with friends and family of the happy couple, a reflection of how lovely Hannah and Justin are and just how much they are loved by all. 


It is always a pleasure to photograph a lovely wedding, and an even bigger pleasure to photograph one with some loved up familiar faces included too. Here’s to many more of these opportunities.  


So here are a few photos from their beautiful wedding day for you to enjoy. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Price.  


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Mr & Mrs Anderson Slideshow Mini Slideshow Blog time! 

It's time to share a few of my favourite photos from the absolutely beautiful and loved up wedding of Lottie and David at Pendrell Hall in February. If you need a refresh on the day you can head back over to the blog HERE but to summarise the day, it was SO much fun, it was SO full of love and there was quite a few tears too. This being my first wedding at Pendrell (of many I am hoping) I was SO impressed with every part of the venue, if you are still considering which venue to pick, Pendrell Hall HAS to be on your list. 


Anyway, you're only here for the video so I will stop writing and let the viewing goodness commence. 

Marc <3 


Flowers and room decorations:

Photos: ME! /



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Mr & Mrs McCoy For Sara and Philip this Good Friday was the Best Ever Friday as they tied the knot at Drayton Manor Hotel. Their sunshine shade of yellow helped to bring some warmth to a bitterly cold spring day, and the feeling of happiness was spread by guests and wedding party alike.


There were tears during the ceremony. (Surely the joy of the occasion rather than relief Sara had chosen to not walk down the aisle to the Game of Thrones theme tune.) Waiting for her was a very spoiled groom, not only by his stunning bride, but by his two best men. A blissful ceremony unfolded, with only the slightest of protests from the two year old flower girl, but he kissed the bride and the two were wed.


Super keen bookworms and avid TV buffs, the couple littered the wedding with beautiful details inspired by their favourite books, TV shows and salutes to their favourite pastimes. The centrepieces were stacks of gorgeous novels laced with ribbon, topped with tea pots and saucers, perfect for a couple who love to bury down with a good book and a brew. Rather than traditional flowers, Sara opted for paper crafted flowers for all the floral decorations, from bouquets to buttonholes, all provided by the amazing A tender touch was the pocket watch of her late grandfather tied to Sara’s bouquet, a wonderful tribute and inclusion to a loved one no longer able to be there for her big day.


My style of photography and relaxed approach is often a draw for wedding couples who don’t like having their photo being taken, and this was certainly true of Sara and Phillip. The laid back groom in braces and bow tie was not one for posing, but we still managed to get around the theme park and taking some fantastic shots of the newlyweds together.


The Park View room was dressed beautifully by The Bridesmaids, with special attention to the details. This couple had gone the extra mile with special treatment for their guests, from the library card style seating plan, to the individually made poisons and potions for favours, all from their favourite tales.


A wonderful start to the Bank Holiday weekend for Mr and Mrs McCoy and all their guests, here’s to them making their own happy ever after.



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Mr & Mrs Anderson  


Excitement was high on all sides for this fabulous February wedding where superstar couple Lottie and David tied the knot at Pendrell Hall.


You should know that when most of the wedding party are involved in musical theatre you are going to have a ball, but there were outstanding levels of joy, laughter, love, tears of happiness and never before seen military precision delivered by the bride to end all brides. We have been able to take a back seat while the chief bridesmaid and best man fetch all the necessary family members, then gently sweep them away and bring in more for the next shot. Everyone knew where they had to be when, and if a bit of sheep rustling happened on the way, that was fine too. Brides: the bar has been set, and it is HIGH.


Everywhere you turned there was immaculate detail and things to enjoy, from make your own hot chocolate, jenga guest book, and an evening sparkler celebration. But the most entertainment was provided by the bridal party themselves; the Parkour, the 8 year old niece wiping the floor with her ceremony reading (not a dry eye), and the ‘why my brother has always copied me, yet I am still the best child’ Powerpoint assisted best man speech (best to date, kudos Josh).


This wedding was the epitome of love and good times with those that mattered, making memories to last a lifetime. And we were there to capture all that mattered. From the beautiful bouquets and flowers throughout the venue, all handcrafted by Loren at Perfect Day Wedding Flowers, and all the moments between the new Mr and Mrs Anderson, their family and friends, ‘and all that jazz….’

Take a look at some of our highlights of the day, and share the love for the beautiful couple; Lottie and Didds

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Mr & Mrs Vaughan I love me a Christmassy wedding, and for the last few years I have been lucky enough to shoot some very late in December weddings. This year was turn of Heather and Wayne, now officially known as Mr and Mrs Vaughan! Their wedding which was hosted at the very festive feeling Tamworth Castle Hotel, and the day was pretty much as perfect as you want it to be, there was tons of beautiful natural sunlight for us to play with during the more formal photos, the weather was LUSH, and there was so many guests and they were really happy and friendly and up for a good Christmas wedding!

Some of my favourite parts of the day had to be the funny face props and selfie sticks on the tables, and the seriously emotional second dance song, which was in tribute to Heather's nan, and saw SO many people up in a big circle hugging, dancing and a little bit of crying. Beautiful people <3 

Anyway, that's about enough of me, lets be honest, you're just here for the photos anyway aren't you (don't worry i won't be offended!) 

So here is a few sneaky photos from Heather & Wayne's beautiful wedding day. 

Enjoy, and have a very lovely Christmas break.

Much love,

Marc x 


The venue: Tamworth Castle Hotel

The Flowers: Willows Florist Tamworth

Photography: ME! 


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Mr & Mrs Young On a frosty November Saturday that brought the first snow of 2017, Sammy and Paul tied the knot, and I was the lucky one they chose as their photographer. The whole day was hosted in the Castle hotel with the ceremony and reception in the Wedgewood room. Bridal prep was happy and relaxed, styling by Hair by Natasha Smith. Paul was calm and collected too, and looking dapper in his blue suit. Today I was joined by my wife Ceri as my second shooter (tag team husband and wife-duo for the win!). Spirits were high as we took shots of the guests gathering in the Vodka Bar. 

The ceremony room looked stunning, dressed with gorgeous floral detail by Loren at Perfect Day Flowers. The happy couple made their ‘I do’s’, exchanged the rings and mingled with guests over reception drinks.


It was a bright sunny day, but at barely 4 degrees we tried to be as quick as possible with the formal photos to ensure the bride didn’t turn into her something blue. They might have been freezing, but everyone certainly had a laugh during the photos, the best man providing entertainment with an unfortunate glitch in his trousers.


We snook the bride and groom off for some couple shots before they headed back for the wedding breakfast. This couple were effortless to shoot, they looked great together and needed no adjustment. These kinds of couples make my job an absolute joy.


Following the wedding breakfast the speeches were given, and a special mention must be given for the best Best Man’s speech I‘ve ever heard. Or seen. Or photographed. (There’s been a LOT.) The couple treated their guests to a caricaturist before the evening reception started, then the night got going with a photobooth, chocolate fountain, sweet cart and disco. Ed Sheeran’s Perfect was the couple’s first dance, then the room got grooving to 70’s and 80’s motown and the party continued on into the night.

Now you have read a few words about the day, have a browse at some beautiful pictures from the day! 

Share, Like and show the beautiful couple some love,

Marc x <3 

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Mr & Mrs Small I shot this wedding a few weeks back now, the whole day was hosted at the Red Lion Hotel in Atherstone. My first wedding here (I don't think I even knew it existed yet have driven past it countless times) it was a lovely surprise. The staff were so accommodating and welcoming which isn't always the case for photographers! 


When I first met Rob and Annette I could tell their wedding day was going to be a lovely relaxed day, full of family, grandchildren and friends and that's exactly what it was (there was a lot of lovely children that was only too happy to pose and pull silly faces all day which was so funny!)


Rob and Annette are such a lovely couple and it was a pleasure getting to photograph them getting married and bringing their families together! I got to deliver the photos today and made Annette cry! I was promised it was because she was so happy with the photos though so that's a good thing, right!

Here's just a few of my favourite shots from the day.

As always, please show the newlyweds some love, like and share too please! 


Marc x

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Mr & Mrs Wright Mini blog post time:

So yesterday I had the pleasure of taking photos at Melanie and Jonathan's wedding hosted at the impressive Hawkesyard Hall. With an early ceremony time of 11.30 we were left with plenty of time to enjoy the venue and make the most of its gardens (and golf buggy - there was MANY trips on this, which i may have been roped in to a journey or 2 myself) ha! 

It's a fantastic venue with such lovely and helpful staff which helped the day flow perfectly from the ceremony to the christening of Mel and Jonathan's daughter, right through to the evening. 

I need to say a special well done to the cake maker as well. It's hands down the most impressive wedding cake I've seen (and I see a lot of cake) 

The night was wrapped up with silly photobooth style photos taken by me (click here for them), and much dancing and having fun. 

Here's a few frames from yesterday, as always please share so people get to see them :o) 

Lets show Mr and Mrs Wright some love! 


Marc x


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Autumnal Shoot Those of you that follow my Facebook page (clicky clicky) will have seen i put a call out for 2 couples to have some lovely Autumnal style photos done. Last weekend was the first of these shoots and now the photos are finished I think it's only right i share a few. 

First up is Mark and Grace, I was lucky enough to shoot their wedding a few years back, and i even got to take some lovely photos of their daughter when she was born, so it was only fitting these guys got included in these photos. 

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Mr & Mrs Stevens Mini blog post time:

Saturday the 7th of October 2017 was a pretty special day.

I only recently met Mark and Leanne due to their original photographer becoming ill and having to cancel, I was referred through a friend and fellow photographer; Stephanie Colledge who was already booked, thanks Steph!  Last minute bookings are no problem though and after meeting them I could tell how amazing their day was going to be and how much thought and planning was going in to it. 

It was my first wedding at my much coveted Polesworth Abbey, I mean as a wedding photographer the prospect of shooting a wedding in a 1200 year old Abbey is lush. I am SO happy I have got to shoot at the Abbey finally, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The service by Father Michael, was a lovely relaxed and so welcoming to everyone. I can't recommend the place enough it's just perfect!

The whole day ticked all the boxes for a wedding photographer:

Beautiful, loved up couple - Check! 

Beautiful wedding venue(s) - Check!

Amazing car - Check! 

Fun and welcoming family and friends - Check!

Decent weather (except a small amount of rain - but we managed) - Check! 

Oh and have I mentioned the amazing Michael Jackson tribute who was a TOTAL surprise to the evening guests? Yeah this happened, and there was SO much dancing and fun, it was awesome! 

Here's a few quick frames from yesterday then for you to all enjoy. Show the beautiful couple some love! <3 

Marc x

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Featured wedding: Mr and Mrs Breeze So it's about time i did another blog post, technically its been a long long time but in fairness to me i've been pretty damn busy ha!

Anyway... On to some amazing wedding photos. John & Shelly tied the knot at the crows nest at Barton Marina. I first met this lovely couple at the start of the year and instantly loved them! They were both so excited about their day, it was lovely!

This was my first wedding at the crows nest and wow is it a beautiful venue. The ceremony room was just flooded with amazing natural night during the ceremony which helped to make the photos look amazing!

You could instantly tell just how head over heels in love these guys are, are it was really special watching Shelly's son give her away, he looked so proud!

Oh yeah, and the food, UGH the food was lush!

Anyway, heres a few of my favourite photos from the day, I REALLY struggled to only pick this amount, there is so many amazing photos from the day!

Happy looking!

Marc x

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